How to Update Drupal 8 Sites

How to Update Drupal 8 Sites

Throughout the life of your Drupal site, you’ll have to perform updates. New features, bug fixes and security patches will be released for Drupal itself, plus modules and themes. This process is essential to maintain a healthy Drupal site.

We’re going to take you through the steps needed to update your Drupal sites. Watch the following 5 videos below, and you’ll keep your Drupal 8 running on the latest version.

Video #1: Introduction

Video #2: Automatic Updates

Updating Drupal modules and themes is fairly easy because Drupal provides an automatic update option. Drupal does also provide a manual update option if your site or server doesn’t allow automatic updates.

Video #3: Manual Module Updates

Sometimes you may not be able to use Drupal’s automatic update functionality. If you can’t, it’s not a big deal. You can still update Drupal via the manual method. This videos shows you how:

Video #4: Manual Theme Updates

To manually update a theme on your site, you use the same method as if you were updating a module. Go to the Available updates page in your Drupal 8 admin area and you’ll see all required theme updates.

Video #5: Core Updates

Just as modules and themes are updated from time-to-time, Drupal itself has regular updates. The process for updating the Drupal core is different from updating modules and themes.


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Igor Kandyba
Igor Kandyba
7 years ago

As an alternative to methods mentioned above you can also use the pre-build scripts to automate some of the work (if not all), or rely on the smart update management solutions such as Drop Guard 😉

7 years ago
Reply to  Igor Kandyba

That is true Igor,
It is also worth mentioning that Drop Guard does a free service for officially recognised non profit organisations.

4 years ago

I have setup the site through composer. I updated the site manually in same way which described in video. But getting error :

PHP Fatal error:  Declaration of Drupal\\Component\\Utility\\EmailValidator::isValid($email, Egulias\\EmailValidator\\Validation\\EmailValidation $email_validation = NULL) must be compatible with Egulias\\EmailValidator\\EmailValidatorInterface::isValid($email, $checkDNS = false, $strict = false)  In core/lib/Drupal/Component/Utility/EmailValidator.php on line 12\n

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