Half a Million Views of the Drupal 8 Beginner Class!

1/2 Million Views of the Drupal 8 Beginner Class

Drupal 8 is now eight months old.

Has it been a success so far? Yes. Drupal 8 is running over 100,000 sites and is now more popular than Drupal 6.

As a training company, we try hard to support Drupal 8. We’ve set ourselves a goal to help as many people as possible to use Drupal 8. In 2015, we launched a Kickstarter project which provided enough financing to release over 200 free videos on YouTube. The training is the best available for Drupal 8, and it’s completely free.

The first videos were released were in The Drupal 8 Beginner Class.

Today, I’m delighted to say we reached a major milestone. The Drupal 8 Beginner Class has been viewed over half a million times. That’s a lot of people learning Drupal 8!

Here’s the intro video from the Beginner class:


Even 8 months after release, the popularity of the class shows no sign of dropping. The image below shows over 20,000 weekly views for the Drupal 8 Beginner Class, since the beginning of 2016. There’s a good chance of passing one million views by the end of 2016!


Next week: we launch our new Drupal 8 Site Building class

This Beginner class introduces people to all the key aspects of Drupal 8.

Next week, thanks to the support of Glowhost, we’re going to launch the follow-up to the Drupal 8 Beginner class.

This follow-up will be called “The Drupal 8 Site Building Class”.  This class is designed to help people learn how to build significantly more powerful sites with Drupal 8.

Bookmark or subscribe to our YouTube channel to be the first to know about next week’s launch!

Update: The Drupal 8 Site Building class is live!


  • Steve Burge

    Steve is the founder of OSTraining. Originally from the UK, he now lives in Sarasota in the USA. Steve's work straddles the line between teaching and web development.

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7 years ago

Thanks for helping to drive the adoption of Drupal 8.

7 years ago
Reply to  Sam_152

Thanks Sam. It’s great to see D8 doing well.

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