The Drupal Go Module for Redirects


The Go module (also called GoTwo) is a relatively simple Drupal module that allows you to track how many people have clicked a link.

It also allows you to conceal the destination of a link and to provide visitors with a disclaimer after they click.

Here’s how the Go module works:

Enable Go


Using Go

  • Go to Add content.
  • Enter your URL in the normal, except that you replace “a” with “go”, as in the image below:
  • When you publish your content, the link will appear normally.
  • The only difference is that the link URL will be a little different. Rather than,, your link itself will look like this:

Go Statistics

  • Go to Structure > Go redirects.
  • You’ll be able to see how many people have clicked on your Go links:

Hiding the Destination of Links

Using the Go module, it is also possible to hide the destination of your link.

You might be able to think of some uses for this. One use case I’m aware is affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketers are not doing anything illegal by hiding link destinations, but do often want to conceal the fact that their external link is an affiliate link.

You can hide your link by adding “title=”hidden destination” as below. In this example, your link would appear this way:


Go Settings

There are a couple of extra settings available in Configuration > Go settings.

The most useful one is the Disclaimer. You can use this to give people a message before they are sent to actual destination. For example, you can warn them that they are being sent to an external site.


The message you create will appear after your Go link has been clicked and will appear in the main body area of your site:



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Now, if only this was available for the link field.

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