How to Create a Glossary View in Drupal

drupal glossary view

When you first install the Views module, it comes with several example views.

One of the most popular examples is the Glossary view, which takes a large amount of content and organizes it all by the first letter of the content title. This is useful in a lot of situations, especially when you’re creating a directory of businesses or people.

Here’s what the Glossary view looks like:

Glossary View in Drupal

Even though the Glosssary view exists when you install Views, it’s not always easy for beginners to understand. The Glosssary view does use some of the more advanced Views features.

In this video below, we show you how to create your own Glossary view:

And, now that we understand how new Glossary views are created, let’s take at look at how to edit the default Glossary view:

These videos are part of the Drupal Glossary View class.


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hetal s
hetal s
7 years ago

what If i want to make link All before A? How can i Do this?

Daniel Pickering
7 years ago
Reply to  hetal s

You would have to edit the section and add a combined filter and move it above the other entries. It would be rather complicated and generally people would not want that with a big site it would be rather slow to load.

hetal s
hetal s
7 years ago

Atually my data is very less so i am not worried about performance. Also the reason of this one is when i filter by first letter how can i go back to my main page which give me my original listing?
So basically I am list of employee and i created glossy view. When you click on search employee it giving you list of all employee with search by first letter. Now when you click on any letter it is giving you list. Now how can i go back to original list.
I just tired you suggetion but didn’t work?
any where i can find detail guide?
Thanks & Regards,

Hetal Panchal

Daniel Pickering
7 years ago
Reply to  hetal s

Hi Hetal, You can sign up for full access to the class [url=]…[/url]


Andre Marcanth
Andre Marcanth
4 years ago

While testing this, I just came to a conclusion that if, at the beginning, for example, just as the website is ready, if you don’t have an entry with letter “A”, and the default value, generally using “a” will not show any title in the view page. So, I have to see which is the first letter and choose it to default value, and change it until a title beginning with “a” is published.

Rod Martin
4 years ago
Reply to  Andre Marcanth

Hey Andre,
which version of Drupal are you using? For D8 and D9 – it works regardless.

2 years ago

Can i do the same thing but in block view not page

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