Drupal Slideshows with FlexSlider from WooThemes

drupal flexslider

Flexslider is a jQuery plugin by WooThemes and it makes it very easy to create slideshows.

You can integrate it into Drupal easily, using the FlexSlider module which has full Views integration.

The FlexSlider page on WooThemes.com, shown below, gives you an idea of the slideshows you can build with FlexSlider.

  • Install the FlexSlider module, plus any module dependencies that you need.
  • I’m also going to recommend that you enable “FlexSlider Example” for this tutorial.

Next we need to download FlexSlider itself.

  • Extract the FlexSlider files to /sites/all/libraries/. Your files should be located here: sites/all/libraries/flexslider/jquery.flexslider-min.js
  • Go to Content > Create FlexSlider Example.
  • Upload an image and save the content.
  • Repeat by creating more content items and uploading more images.
  • Go to Structure > Block.
  • Publish the “View: FlexSlider Views Example: Thumbnail Controls” block.
  • Your slider will look like the image below:
  • Go to Structure > Views > FlexSlider Views Example.
  • Click “Settings” next to “FlexSlider”.
  • Inside the settings, you’ll see a variety of different options for your slideshow. These are similar to some of the examples on the WooThemes page.

The sample View also has automatically created Views, using some of these options:


  • Steve Burge

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Shaq Iss
Shaq Iss
8 years ago

wow, this is great tutor for integrated with flexslider and drupal. This is the easy slideshow to do and it free…ratter then use view slideshow to edit css for custom design..

6 years ago

not work for drupal 8 🙁

Alex Smirnov
Alex Smirnov
6 years ago
Reply to  TRXDev

You are correct. The “Flex Slider” module’s version for Drupal 8 is still in a pre-release Beta stage. Use it for production sites running on Drupal 7 and for testing sites on Drupal 8.

John Doe
John Doe
2 years ago

How can i translate the slides please ?

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