Add a Floating Feedback Button in Drupal 7

Add a Floating Feedback Button in Drupal 7

One of our users wanted to know how to add a floating button to his Drupal site. Luckily, this task is easy to accomplish, thanks to the Feedback Simple module.

In this short tutorial, I’ll share with you how to add a floating feedback button linked to a contact page in Drupal 7.

Step #1. Create the feedback page

Create your feedback page by using Webform or a similar module.

Step #2. Install and enable Feedback Simple module

Download Feedback Simple module from this page.

Feedback Simple Drupal

Install the Feedback Simple module:

  • Go to Modules.
  • Click “Install new module” and upload the file you just downloaded.
  • After the installation is done, click on “Enable newly added modules”.
  • Look for “Feedback Simple” box and check it.
  • Scroll down and click “Save configuration”.

Step #3. Configure the module

  • Go to Modules > Feedback Simple.
  • Click “Configure”.
Feedback Simple Drupal
  • Make sure the Enabled box is checked.
  • In the Link field, type the path to the page you created in step 1. In my example, the path will be link-to-your-contact-form (no slash at the beginning).
Feedback Simple Drupal
  • In Target, define the location to open the link when a user clicks the feedback button.
Feedback Simple Drupal
  • Scroll down and save the changes.

Step #4. End result

Visit your public site and test the feedback button floating on the right:

Feedback Simple Drupal


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8 years ago

Thanks, really helpful, I did not know about this module.

8 years ago
Reply to  Edward Peters

Great, thanks Edward

jeremy porkes
jeremy porkes
6 years ago

thanks for shearing this article. butt i found bugram also a simple and helpfull tool for feedback

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