7 of our Favorite Presentations from DrupalCon Sydney

DrupalCon Sydney

At the beginning of February, Australia held the first ever DrupalCon outside of Europe or North America.

All of the DrupalCon Sydney sessions were taped and put all online, saving you the cost of airfare, hotel and food, although Sydney would have been really nice in February! In fact, the DrupalCon team did an extraordinary job. Not only did they record every session, but they posted videos online within hours of each session ending.

Here are 7 of our favorite presentations from DrupalCon Sydney.

#1. The Dries Buytaert keynote

Of course, we have to include the keynote from Dries…

#2. Fairly Local – A Drupal powered iPhone app and website

Scott Sanders led this session. Fairly Local is a community-contributed local fair trade product search for Australia consumers, available as both a website and an iPhone app. As a community driven resource, consumers interested in ethical shopping add the local stores where they buy fair trade products, making that information available to the rest of the community.

#3. Information architecture for site builders

Murray Woodman’s aim in this presentation is to make you a better site builder. The talk is fast moving and touched on a number of different areas including aspects, types, relationships and facets. Traditional data modelling concepts are introduced and then related to Drupal concepts.

#4. Twig and the new theme layer in Drupal 8

This was a group presentation, led by several of Drupal’s most innovative theme developers. Drupal 8 has a new theme engine: Twig. Twig provides several advantages over PHPtemplate, our previous theme engine, including: Security, Performance (probably), and Ease of Use.

#5. Build better websites with Panels

This session was led by Jen Lampton. Drupal is somewhat limited in how it handles the layout of content on the page. It assumes every page on any given site will use exactly the same layout, and that the only really important content on that page will sit right smack in the middle. Panels offers a variety of layouts for us to choose from, and also allows us to provide our own. After a layout is selected, Panels allows us to position our content into that layout however our hearts desire.

#6. Case Study: Flight Centre

Energetic duo Simon Collier-Baker and Kiel Frost will take you through how Flight Centre did an RSP and six month selection except without any of that. They share their implementation plan and talk about why the Drupal community and Flight Centre’s culture are made for each other.

#7. Building for a post-mobile world

In this session Jeff Eaton looks at the evolution of digital content, the lessons that previous generations of designers and developers have learned, and how they apply to today’s landscape. He shows what other forward-thinking organizations are doing to future proof their content and prepare for a crazy multi-device world. And finally, he looks at how Drupal’s tools can help make the process simpler.

Watch more

You can watch all of the DrupalCon Sydney videos at the DrupalCon Video channel on YouTube.

Over to you … do you have any favorite sessions from DrupalCon Sydney that you think people should watch?


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