Join DrupalCon Amsterdam From Your Desk

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DrupalCon Amsterdam takes place this week.

Nearly 2000 people are going to be at the venue itself, but even more will join remotely.

If you’re sitting at your desk next week and can’t be in the Netherlands, there’s still plenty of opportunity to join DrupalCon Amsterdam.

Here are three ways you can take part …

#1. Watch the keynotes

DrupalCon has started to stream all keynote addresses live. All the keynotes start at 9 am Amsterdam time, which is UTC +1.

The live streams will all be available here:

Tuesday is Dries Buytaert who needs no introduction.

[Update] Here’s the Dries keynote:

Wednesday is Cory Doctorow who seems like a great choice for DrupalCon. Doctorow used to work at the Electronic Frontier Foundation and he took the principles of the EFF into a journalism career. He’s now a writer who often focuses on issues of freedom in technology, law and government.

[Update] Here’s the Cory keynote:

On Thursday there’s no keynote planned, unlike at past DrupalCons.

#2. Watch the sessions on YouTube

At recent DrupalCons, the video teams have been able to edit and post most sessions within hours. It’s really extraordinary work and it means that you can watch nearly all DrupalCon sessions during the same week as those in the room.

The session videos will be on the Drupal Association account:

#3. Take part in sprints

Not surprisingly, most of the code sprints at Amsterdam will revolve around Drupal 8. It’s likely that a Beta version of D8 will be available for testing next week.

The springs starts Saturday, September 27 and run until Monday, October 5. A complete list of sprints is available here.

If you do join the sprints remotely, you won’t be alone. Here’s a current list of sprint attendees and you can see that many have said they’ll be working remotely.

#4. Test Drupal 8 Beta

Yes, a beta version of Drupal 8 is here. You can download and test from


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