Fixing Drupal 8 Xampp cURL error 60: SSL certificate

Fixing Drupal 8 Xampp cURL error 60: SSL certificate

Recently, we wrote a guide on using Xampp with Drupal 8 for local development.

After reading the guide, one of our users asked,

How do you fix the cURL 60 SSL error that I keep getting?

The cURL SSL 60 error occurs when you’re trying to install Drupal module by copying the FTP link from into the “Add modules” screen.


This error is caused by the default SSL certificate provided by Xampp.

We need to visit copy the page and save it as cacert.pem

Now we need to put this in our developer setup and tell Xampp where it is. We just need to add a line to our PHP.ini file so that it can locate the file. In PHP.ini : curl.cainfo = “D:xamppcacert.pem”


I will add it to the very bottom of the file.


Stop and then start the Apache service on Xammp. This should reload the PHP and you will now be able to install modules by copying the source link.


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