Dropdown Menus in Drupal 8 with the Superfish Module

Dropdown Menus in Drupal 8 with the Superfish Module

If you want to build a large, multi-level drop-down menu in Drupal 8, then the Superfish module is a great choice.

The Superfish module makes use of the jQuery Superfish menu plugin, which is useful for multi-level drop-down menus. Superfish has more features than most dropdown menus. It supports touch devices and keyboard interaction.

In this tutorial, we’re going to create a menu for a sports news site with three menu levels.

Three menu levels

Step #1. Install the module and libraries

First, let’s install the module:

Now, let’s install the libraries:

  • Download the Superfish library 2.x for Drupal 8.x.
  • Uncompress it to your [DRUPAL_ROOT]/libraries directory. If you don’t have the libraries directory yet, please create it
  • Download the jQuery Easing plugin (optional but recommended)
  • Uncompress it too to your [DRUPAL_ROOT]/libraries directory.
  • Rename both directories, so that you have the following file/folder structure:

Superfish module file structure

Step #2. Create the menu structure

  • Go to Structure > Menus.
  • Click the Add menu button:

Click Add menu button

  • Enter the menu title and click the Save button:

Add site title and click Save

Step #3. Add the menu links

  • Once the menu has been added, click the Add link button to create the menu links:

Click Add link button

  • Create the menu links according to the predefined structure. Notice that you have to link each menu item to a piece of content.
  • Click on the Show as expanded checkbox, so that the menu will appear expanded if it has children.
  • Click the Save button each time you create a menu item.

Create menu link and click Save

Once you have created all the links:

  • Use the handles to drag and drop the items in order to match the menu structure
  • Click Save:

Match the menu structure and click Save

Step #4. Place the menu

Menus in Drupal 8 are rendered as block entities.

  • Click Structure > Block layout.
  • Search the Primary menu region and disable the Main navigation default block.
  • Click the Place block button.

Click Place block button

  • Enter the name of your menu in the search box. You will find two “News site” menus.
  • Click the Place block button on the line with the Supefish category.

Click Place block button

Step #5. Finalize the Superfish configuration

  • Uncheck the Display title checkbox:

Uncheck Display title checkbox

There are several configuration options in this window. Particular attention deserves the Slide-in effect provided by the jQuery Easing plugin (which you downloaded at the beginning) and the ADVANCED SETTINGS where you can configure for instance the animation speed. Play with this options until you find the ones to your liking.

Block settings

Advanced settings

  • Click Save block and go to your homepage. You will have a multi-level drop-down menu now!

You have to tweak it with your own CSS, but the main menu functionality is there:

You have a multi level dropdown menu now

I hope you enjoyed reading this tutorial and making your own Superfish menu. Please leave your comments below.


  • Jorge Montoya

    Jorge lived in Ecuador and Germany. Now he is back to his homeland Colombia. He spends his time translating from English and German to Spanish. He enjoys playing with Drupal and other Open Source Content Management Systems and technologies.

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Heinz Stoellinger
Heinz Stoellinger
5 years ago

Congratulaciones, Jorge!
Excellent article!

Aditya Singh
Aditya Singh
4 years ago

Great Article Buddy!! Thank you very much

Sven Johnson
Sven Johnson
3 years ago

Hi there Jorge! 

This looks good but I cannot get the Superfish menu to work in the new Drupal 9.0 version. 
I cannot get the menutree to expand when I hoover or click. 

3 years ago
Reply to  Sven Johnson

Hi Sven,
I did this tutorial this morning (6/8/2020) and it worked fine.  I even left all the defaults selected.  It’s not pretty – but it worked (on hover).  I’m using Safari on a mac.

If you want to follow up – post some images of your set up and let’s see what we can do.


Daniel Vassy
Daniel Vassy
3 years ago

Thanks for the article. It worked up to a point but, when installing the block, the block settings and advanced settings option were not there 🙁
(using Drupal 8.9.2)

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