How to Add a Custom Date Format in Drupal 8

How to Add a Custom Date Format in Drupal 8

In Drupal 8, the process of adding a new date format is substantially simpler than in Drupal 7.

In Drupal 7, there were several steps involved.

In Drupal 8, the process is substantially simpler:

  • Go to Configuration > Date and time formats.
  • You’ll see that Drupal 8 ships with around a dozen formats, compared with 3 in Drupal 7.
  • Click the blue “Add format” button:

You can now add a date format directly into the “Format string” field.

You wil need to use the PHP syntax on this page. Drupal will give you a live preview of your date format:


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Gilberto Mangones
Gilberto Mangones
6 years ago

Inside field in a content type, how to create a field only month y Year. thanks

Kushal Agrawal
Kushal Agrawal
5 years ago

Same question from my side, if you got your answer please reply

pradeep bhuktar
pradeep bhuktar
4 years ago

You are great

Rod Martin
4 years ago

To create a format for only month and year, head over to Configuration -> Regional & Language -> Date formats.  Click Add Format.  
Jan-2020 would be M-Y
1-2020 would be n-Y
January-2020 would be F-Y
January/2020 would be F/Y
01-2020 would be m-Y

Check out for all the formats you can use.

Once the format is created, go to Structure -> Content Types -> Manage Display for the content type field you want to update.  Click on the gear and select your new format.

I hope that helps.

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