Contribute Your Code on, Part 5: Upload Your Project Files

Contribute Your Code on, Part 5: Upload Your Project Files

In previous posts in this series, we talked the process of contributing to

Those posts covered setting up your project, configuring Git, creating sandbox projects, and much more:

{snippet drupalcontributionlinks}

Now, in Part 5, we are going to upload our project and ensure that the project meets Drupal’s standards.

How to upload our project files

First, we need to CD into the folder that contains our theme. My project is called “breeze” so I used this command:

cd /srv/http/breeze/2710867/breeze

Executing a “git status” command will tell you if everything is okay.

Now we need to tell git to copy our files to Drupal’s sandbox for the project.

git add -A
git commit -m
git push -u origin 8.x-1.x

This first command, “git add -A” will commit all the files that are different from the destination:

“git commit -m” is a message assigned to our project to let people know what has changed between commits it is a good idea and always recommended that you attach a message to the commit.

Now that we have uploaded our project, we should check the git status again. Run a “git status” like we did earlier. This should return the following message: “nothing to commit, working tree clean”. This means that everything has been copied to the Sandbox.

Check our project files

Now that we have our project setup as a Sandbox, there is a very useful tool that can check our project:

The Pareview website

Visit Pareview and enter the URL for the git repository you want to check. The URL will follow this format:

If your project is set up correct, Pareview will return a success message. If there are issues with your project, you will get a list of suggestions to change. The image below shows what happened when I first submitted my “Breeze” project to Pareview:

Message from Pareview

If you have not already, you should also consult Drupal’s Project application checklist

Next, we will look at added all the details of our project to the project page and the review process.


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