Contribute Your Code on, Part 2: Sandbox Projects

Beginners Guide to Contributing to Drupal : Prerequisites

Welcome to the second part of our series about how to contribute your code to Drupal.

Here are all the parts of the series:

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Previously we covered signing up to Drupal and setting up our account. This time we will guide you in the creation of a new sandbox project.

A sandbox project is the essential first step towards creating a full module or theme on

  • Go to and login.
  • Find the “Your Projects” tab, where you can add new projects such as modules and themes.


If you have existing Sandbox projects (modules or themes that are waiting to be approved) or Full Projects (already approved), you will see the “Add a new project” below them.

  • Click on “Add a new project” to create a sandbox project.


  • Next, choose what type of project you are going to make.


The next screens will ask for required information:

  • Name of the project
  • Maintenance status
  • Development status
  • Type a short description of the project


At this point, we have the basic details of our sandbox project. In the next tutorial, we can connect to Git and get access to commit code to


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