Add Captions to Drupal Images with jCaption

Drupal image captions jcaptions

jCaption is a simple but very useful little module.

jCaption allows you to add captions to your Drupal images, no matter what editor you’re using.

Using a small jQuery script you’ll be able to add the captions and then use CSS classes to improve the design of those captions.

How to use jCaption

  • Install and enable the jCaption module:
  • Inside your content, make sure your image has either an ALT or a TITLE tag. This will be the caption for the image.
  • The image below shows how the caption will appear on your image, using the default Bartik theme. It’s really as simple as that:

Go to Configuration > jCaption and you’ll be able to tweak the jCaption options:


At the bottom of the configuration screen, you can add CSS classes to the captions:



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Yes it works fine for images inserted in to body of node. but it does align properly for Images uploded by CCK Image field.


Sorry i meant does not align properly for CCK Image field.


Hi Rakesh
Test some of the Configuration > jCaption settings. If they don’t help, you can always fix with CSS.


Why should Either title or alt be used? Why not make both available for captions? A live situation could be to use the Title for the “text caption” and the Alt for the copyright information. In the code, it’s fairly easy to make both available, but I would be nicer to make them both available through the interface.

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