Drupal 8: Internal Page Cache and Internal Dynamic Page Cache

Drupal 8: Internal Page Cache and Internal Dynamic Page Cache

Drupal 8 offers major advances over Drupal 7 in many areas, including caching.

In Drupal 8, there are now two cache modules: Internal Page Cache and Internal Dynamic Page Cache. Do those two names sound confusingly similar? In that case, this blog post is for you.

In these three videos, Robert introduces us to how Drupal 8’s core caching systems work.

Drupal 8 core caching modules

  • The Internal Page Cache module: this caches pages for anonymous users in the database. Pages requested by anonymous users are stored the first time they are requested and then are reused for future visitors.
  • The Internal Dynamic Page Cache module: This is a key feature that Drupal 7 did not have. Unlike the Internal Page module, the Dynamic Page module aims to speed up the site for both anonymous and logged-in users. Wim Leers has a great overview of how and why the Dynamic Page module works.

Drupal 8 Performance settings

In this video, Robert explains the performance settings in Drupal 8’s configuration:

  • Caching: this controls the lifetime of the Internal Page Cache module.
  • Bandwidth optimization: this controls the aggregation of your CSS and Javascript files.


How to disable the Drupal 8 cache

If you’re working on the development of a site, and particularly if you’re working on a theme or module, caching can become a pain. In this video, you’ll see how to disable the cache for development sites.


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Daniel Pickering
8 years ago

Have you looked at [url=https://www.drupal.org/project/big_pipe]https://www.drupal.org/proj…[/url] at all they say it improves performance even more.

8 years ago

Yes, good point. Looks like that might make it into Drupal 8.1.

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