How to Use the AdvAgg Drupal Module

How to Use the AdvAgg Drupal Module

Over the last couple of years, I’ve seen one module appear on almost every high profile Drupal site.

That module is Advanced CSS/JS Aggregation, or AdvAgg, for short.

AdvAgg really helps to improve the frontend performance of your site. This module really helps to improve the aggregation and optimization of your site’s CSS and Javascript files.

Here are two videos that will help you install and configure AdvAgg:

The AdvAgg Module, Part 1

The AdvAgg Module, Part 2

These videos are part of our “Speeding Up Your Drupal Site” class.


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I used the advanced css /js aggregation module for quite some time on some of my websites. After a few months I actually went to the trouble of analysing some of what was happening, and what I found was that the module had a considerable negative impact on overall performance. What was happening was that generally performance was great, but at random infrequent intervals the module would do some or other cleanup routine which would stop the website dead for anything up to 30 seconds at a time. I have now disabled the module everywhere, and the problem has gone away. I won’t be using it again.


Thanks Clive. That’s an interesting bug. I don’t see any issues in the AdvAgg queue on this. Did you get an idea of why the clean-up was failing?


As far as I can tell, the cleanup wasn’t failing. Just taking longer and longer over time. When I looked at the tables and disk files, they were simply accumulating, and cleanup was getting quite ridiculous. I am perfectly sure it would have just got worse and worse with time.
Also, I must add that the performance difference after disabling aggregation was very small. Monitoring the page load times, the total difference was less than 10%.

Mike Carper

I’m interested in fixing the reported issue here. Any info is helpful. d.o started using it back in March and they haven’t seen anything like what you’re describing; in fact the exact opposite [url=]…[/url].

Richa Pandey

how to Minify JavaScript and CSS using addagg module? i have use this module but when i see performance report in “PageSpeed Insights” it’s seem not minify JS and CSS .


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