How to Update phpMyAdmin

How to Update phpMyAdmin

One of our members asked us how to update their phpMyAdmin version. They were running it under Windows/XAMPP.

You may not be aware that you are running an old version of phpMyAdmin.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to make sure your phpMyAdmin version is current, both for Windows and Linux.

Step #1: Find Your Current Version

  • Navigate to your phpMyAdmin interface and check what version you are using:

Take a look to see what version you are using

On the image above you can see, that my current phpMyAdmin version is 4.7.4 but the latest stable version is 4.8.0. I must update my phpMyAdmin.

Step #2: Find Your phpMyAdmin Folder

  • Go to your current phpMyAdmin folder. If you are using XAMPP on your local computer, typically you install XAMPP to your main hard drive.
  • Open your hard drive.
  • Open your XAMPP folder. You will see your phpMyAdmin folder:

phpmyadmin directory in xampp

Step #3: Rename Your phpMyAdmin Folder

  • Rename your phpMyAdmin folder to phpMyAdmin_old:

rename your phpmyadmin folder

Note: This step is optional. You can update your phpMyAdmin simply by replacing your old phpMyAdmin folder to a newly downloaded one.

But keeping the old phyMyAdmin folders and files before running the update, just to be on a safe side, is a sound practice.

This way, if during the update something goes wrong, or you mess things up, you can always rename the folder from phpMyAdmin_old back to phpMyAdmin. And you are back to a working phpMyAdmin version.

Step #4: Copy Your phpMyAdmin Configuration File

  • Within your original phpMyAdmin directory, find the file:

copy your phpmyadmin configuration file

  • Make a copy of it.
  • Place the copied file in your new phpMyAdmin directory.

Step #5: Download the Newest Version of phpMyAdmin

  • Navigate to
  • Download the most recent version of phpMyAdmin.
  • Extract the files onto your hard drive:

05 click extract

  • Copy all the extracted files and folders in your new phpMyAdmin folder.

Step #6: Testing the New Version

  • Now launch your phpMyAdmin. You should see that is has been successfully updated:

phpMyAdmin version is now up to date

Congratulations! You just learned how to update your phpMyAdmin version.

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What’s Next

Most major website platforms use MySQL as their default database. phpMyAdmin is a free software, written in PHP, which makes it easy to manage your MySQL databases.

Subscribe to our “How to Use phpMyAdmin to Manage MySQL” video class and learn how to install and use phpMyAdmin. This class will be a huge help to you if you use any PHP-based software.


  • Alex Smirnov

    Born from Ukrainian mother and Russian father, Alex migrated to the United Kingdom in 1999. He is a self-taught Microsoft Certified Professional. He enjoys learning content management systems and helping web site developers make the most of them.

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Thank you for this post. I used to think doing this was a complicated process. Now my phpMyAdmin is the latest. I use Ampps and the steps worked fine for it.


This is fantastic. Thank you so much. I was able to successfully update with no issues. Keep the great tutorials!


Thanks a lot!!!

I have no technical skills and, moreover, I’m italian: I’ve been able to understand and do the update. Now new version is working correctly. There must be more tutorial like this on the Internet, usually the experts don’t know how to clearly and simply explain things that are difficult to understand for non-technicians.


Melanie H

Glad to hear it has been easy for everyone! I enjoy making things simple for every day users!

germain A

hello evry one,

I had a problem when upgradind phpmyAdmin. this erreur comes over.

Nouveau concept de sécurité XAMPP:

L’accès au répertoire demandé est uniquement disponible sur le réseau local.

Ce paramètre peut être configuré dans le fichier “httpd-xampp.conf”.

Si vous pensez qu’il s’agit d’une erreur du serveur, veuillez contacter le webmestre.

Error 403


Apache/2.4.3 (Win32) OpenSSL/1.0.1c PHP/5.4.7

Need help to find “httpd-xampp.conf” folder in xampp.

germain A

Sorry! note that I am French and my Xampp is configure in french. Thanks for all.


Thanks for this – seems to have updated as easy as could be… I had posted on the phpmyadmin forum and got no reply.


Thanks it worked just fine!


thx a lot……… worked !!


Hello everyone,
I followed the instructions step by step but the version did not change. Any idea?


raghav mehra

after following the above procedure by phpmyadmin shows updated but it shows exclamation marks before databases..i have attached an image to view.

raghav mehra

the image showing the error.


Thanx a lot! Keep up the good work.



Thnks…!! a lot

Oki Erie Rinaldi

I’m using ubuntu, I can’t find the information about the newer version of phpmyadmin. My phpmyadmin version is: Is it a newest version for ilnux?

My Windows PC has phpmyadmin v 4.0.4. Is phpmyadmin for Windows and Linux has different version?

Oki Erie Rinaldi

I found phpmyadmin package(XAMPP) at [url=][/url] that included phpmyadmin 4.0.4. But I’m not using XAMPP on ubuntu, so how can I upgrade the phpmyadmin? I have installed PHP, MySql, and Apache software singly (not packed).


worked for me , thanks 🙂




Best instructions I’ve seen yet on upgrading to a newer version of phpmyadmin, worked perfectly, thanks so much!!


Thank you – brilliant. Worked 1st time & with a Mac too.


Thanks, worked perfectly


Works perfectly. Thanks very much!

Warren Bolton

Thanks also from me!


Works great.

Erick Ramírez

Thank you! Gracias!


There is a message that says: The phpMyAdmin configuration storage is not completely configured, some extended features have been deactivated. To find out why click here.
After I click the link it says:
$cfg[‘Servers’][$i][‘users’] …not OK [ Documentation ]

$cfg[‘Servers’][$i][‘usergroups’] …not OK [ Documentation ]

Configurable menus: Disabled
$cfg[‘Servers’][$i][‘navigationhiding’] …not OK [ Documentation ]

Hide/show navigation items: Disabled
$cfg[‘Servers’][$i][‘savedsearches’] …not OK [ Documentation ]

Saving Query-By-Example searches: Disabled
Do i need to enable them and if so, how?
Thank you in advance. JE


kindly Login to your phpMyAdmin,

then import create_tables.sql from C:\xampp\phpMyAdmin\sql, if you are a windows plateform

after that logout from phpMyAdmin and Login back

SUCCESS MSG:: Import has been successfully finished, 21 queries executed. (create_tables.sql).

And this alert message will be corrected


just follow this steps:
kindly Login to your phpMyAdmin,

then import create_tables.sql from C:\xampp\phpMyAdmin\sql, if you are a windows plateform

after that logout from phpMyAdmin and Login back

SUCCESS MSG:: Import has been successfully finished, 21 queries executed. (create_tables.sql).

And this alert message will be corrected

Fachrian Adi

works like a charm, thank you for sharing 🙂

Jason Robinson

Thanks worked fine for me


Nice and simple instructions that work although, being a cautious person, I chose to rename the original phpMyAdmin folder to phpMyAdmin.old rather than delete it. The archive file from sourceforge can then be extracted directly into c:\xampp (Ion Windows) as it is provided in a phpMyAdmin folder.


Thank you for your help. I had been finding the solution for since I got a notification of newer version of phpMyAdmin. Finally I could update it. Thanks again!!!

Pangeran Wiguan

It works.


Yogesh Doshi

Sir is it possible in wampserver to update phpmyadmin??


nice and thanks a lot


Unfortunately upgrading it seems to break my copy of phpmyadmin. Once upgrade it won’t let me log in to any accounts just saying ‘can’t connect to sql’ and when I downgrade it works perfect.

Oki Erie Rinaldi

make sure you turned on the mysql service

D'only Brave

Merci beaucoup!!!


Perfect! No problems here.

Maryam Aghili

thank you so much, it works for me. btw I have a problem many mysql syntaxes that I found in web do not work on my server and I repeatedly face the error #1064 – You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual

that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax. what is that for? where is my problme?

Wale Naija

Unable to login after upgrade. Somebody help!



Povilas Kapočius

Thank you very much helped.

fajar setiawan siagian

thank you so much

i will try it later

shikha singh

PHP’> WAMP (Windows, Apache, MySQL, PHP) is very simple to establish & you can obtain it from PHP’>WAMP Server abode page.

Harish Garg

my phpmyadmin is not working , but i have installed latest version , please tell me solution .

Fuzzee Lowgeek

Great post, thanks.

Dario Filosa

Thank you!!


Thank you! In my current configuration, I was getting a JavaScript error when I tried to create a particular foreign key. I finally got to the point where I realized I needed to update phpmyadmin and this worked great! Thanks again!


thank you ! passed the whole day struggling against «NOT EXISTS» queries that suddenly were not working in PhpMyAdmin (??!??) (same query working without «NOT»). I am up to date ! , and queries are working again… thanks to you.


Thank you…


Great, you save my day! Something was broken with the ajax request on my phpMyAdmin. Just …loading… without ending.


Thank you very much. Well explained/


what if I DO NOT have XAMPP???????????????????????

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