How to Use the Views Slideshow Module in Drupal

Brian Lewis · January 27, 2013

The Views Slideshow module is one of the most popular modules for Drupal. Views Slideshow can be used to create a slideshow of anything that can be displayed with Views!

In Part 1 of this class Brian introduces us to the Views Slideshow module and walks us through the installation of all the necessary modules.

In Part 2 we create a content type, the necessary views and work on how they are displayed on the resulting page.

In Part 3 we add both text and image pagination to the slideshows and learn how to place them in different positions.

In Part 4 we create a slideshow from content items, overlay text and learn how to use arrows instead of text for our slideshow controls.

Finally, in Part 5 we learn about the Flexslider module, which when used in conjunction with Views Slideshow, is a powerful way to configure your slideshows.

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