How to Schedule a Revision to Go Live in WordPress

How to Schedule a Revision to Go Live in WordPress

One OSTraining user asked us this week if it was possible to schedule a revision to go live in the future. This would be very helpful if you need to automatically update a Post on a future date.

This is possible in WordPress thanks to a plugin called “PublishPress Revisions“.

PublishPress Revisions is the plugin for managing WordPress revisions and this is one of its most useful features.

  • Install PublishPress Revisions from
  • Go to Revisions > Settings.
  • On this screen, make sure that the “Scheduled Revisions” box is checked.

enable scheduled revisions

Now that’s done, you’re ready to create a scheduled revision. Please note that you can only do this with content that is marked as “Published” status.

Guide to Scheduling Revisions

  • Find a post that is currently published.
  • Make some changes to your post. This will be the content for your scheduled revision.
  • In the right sidebar of your post, look for the “Publish” date. Currently this shows you when the post was published (Jan 28, 2018).

current revision

  • Change this “Publish” option to a date in the future. This is when your revision will go live:

2020 revision

  • After you change the date successfully, the blue “Update” button will change to read “Schedule Revision”. Click this blue button.

schedule revisiob button

  • You will now see the message, “Your modification was saved as a Scheduled Revision.”

scheduled revision

On the main “Revisions” screen, you will be able to see your revision:

  • The “Status” column is marked as “Scheduled”.
  • The “Schedule” column has the date when your revision will go live.

revisions queue

More about PublishPress Revisions

PublishPress Revisions is a great plugin for people who want to approve content changes on their site.

You can get the Free version on There’s also a Pro version available on


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