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It’s hard not to make a play on words or a pun when talking about 1 Flash Gallery, because it is what it says, and adds what it is, and really makes your site flashy. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist.) The most popular gallery for WordPress is the NextGen gallery, which is excellent, but this is something quite different.

If you’ve been looking for a way to put up eye-catching galleries, Flash is one way to go. 1 Flash Gallery is a plugin that will provide Flash galleries for your WordPress site.

Step 1. Install the plugin


Go to Plugins > Add New then enter 1 flash gallery in the search field and click Search Plugins.


Click Install Now and then Activate the Plugin on the next screen.

Step 2. Create a gallery


You will have a new menu in the dashboard menu list. Start by creating a gallery.


You will see the tabs that allow you to adjust different aspects of the gallery. Since you can have more than one gallery on a page, or put a gallery in a widget, you have lots of options to consider. Set the size then the Gallery Type, A dropdown list of all the different types of display is available.


Go through all the tabs and make choices for your display.

Step 3. Upload pictures


You have several ways to upload pictures. Each tab gives you different choices. One of the features of this plugin is that it will allow you to make a gallery from any directory with pictures in it. So you can use pictures already on the site, upload them one at a time or batch upload them using FTP or a Zip archive.

You can even pull pictures directly from Facebook.

The plugin will automatically resize all your photos on upload, so you don’t have to deal with that. But if they are large files, it may take a long time to process them all. Time-wise it’s better to start with the smaller file sizes.


You can choose multiple photos from your local computer and upload them at one time.

Step 4. Edit images


Click on Images List and you will see the images you uploaded. You can check the boxes and delete them or create a new gallery from your selections if you haven’t already created a gallery. Not there is an Edit Image button as well.


You will be able to add a caption and a description to your picture, and rotate if needed.


Return to the Galleries List and click on the name of the gallery you created. If you created a new gallery from the pictures you uploaded, you’ll already be on the right page.

Step 5. Add the uploaded images to the gallery


Click the Add Images button. You’ll see the image list and an empty check box next to each picture. Check the boxes of the pictures you want, and choose Save.


After you’ve added your images, you’ll see a preview of the gallery at the bottom of the page. If you change the gallery type from the dropdown menu, you can preview the different types of galleries available.

Step 6. Add the gallery to your web page or post


At the top of the same page, you’ll see the Embed code for this gallery. There is a handy Copy to Clipboard button. Just click this and the code will be on your clipboard. Now all you need to do is create a page or post.

Step 7. Create a page or post


Paste the shotcode into your post. You can have other formatting and text on the page. Paste the shortcode where you want the gallery. You can also have more than one gallery on a post or page. Save your work and you’re ready to preview or publish.

The plugin also has added an extra control icon to your toolbar. If you click the icon, it will show you your gallery list and you can choose which gallery to insert. This is an alternate method to pasting or writing the code in the editing window.


Note that you have some options when inserting the gallery. You can insert the entire gallery, a text link to the gallery, or the gallery cover you specified during setup as link to your gallery.


The first code above inserts the gallery: indicated by t=0
The second code above inserts a text link to the gallery: indicated by t=1
The third one inserts a thumbnail of the image you chose as the gallery cover: indicated by t=2

You wouldn’t normally put all three on the same page. This is just an illustration of what the shortcode looks like.


Here’s what they look like on the page.


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12 years ago

Hi- this is helpful but I keep getting this error message below the create gallery box [fgallery 404 Not found]. when I upload images, the images do not save in the list. My theme is arclite?

12 years ago

Hi and welcome, Shannon!

Have you added the gallery yet? Which steps have you completed successfully?

Kind regards,


12 years ago
Reply to  Nick Savov

So I have tried two things, to create a gallery first and then upload images (which appears to work when I select from my desktop but then once they upload, they now longer show up in a list) and vice versa. Either way, when I go to create a gallery and type a name and description and select the various options and then click save I get an error 404 message directly below the create a gallery box that says something like gallery not found.

I feel like I am doing the steps as described so I am wondering if something is incompatible with my theme or version of wordpress or something…

Thanks for your help,


12 years ago

Hi Shannon,

Sorry for the inconvenience, but if you’re a student at OSTraining, could you copy and paste this into the support forum so one of our support techs can look into it for you? All you have to do is log in at [url=][/url] and click on Support Forum in the main menu.

Kind regards,


12 years ago

what’s the resolution of images required? i thought 250px is enough , but they look blurry.

Would love your thoughts, please comment.x