Cloud With Me: Launch Your Managed AWS server in Minutes

Launch Your Managed AWS server in Minutes

You may have already asked yourself the following question:“Why am I having difficulty getting started with AWS (Amazon Web Services)?”

Even with 9 out of 10 businesses already relying on the power of the cloud for some of their services, the ease-of-use that should be part of process has been largely absent. Until now.

Cloud With Me is a game-changer in the AWS server solutions space, and their managed AWS offerings continue that trend of excellence. They take care of all the difficult decisions and jump through all the hoops for you, saving your startup, small business, or large corporation time and money.

Cloud With Me Benefits

The threat of cost overruns and complicated technical requirements are enough to make any business hesitant to embrace a hosting change. But Cloud With Me remove with all the unnecessary fuss for your benefit.

With their cloud-based managed AWS services, you never need to touch an AWS console. Complexity is avoided in favor of forward-thinking solutions that simply help you get the job done.

Here’s just a few advantages of

  • SIMPLICITY. Don’t get wrapped up in dealing with messy code and frustrating configurations. Cloud With Me allows you to tap into the power of the cloud without complicated setups.
  • SPEED. We turbocharge setup, helping you get online with AWS in minutes.
  • EASY BUDGETING. Overspending? Forget about it. All Cloud With Me’s server options come at a flat monthly rate. Your budgeting will be just as uncomplicated as your server setup.

AWS as Easy as 1, 2, 3

We mean it:

  1. Select
  2. Connect
  3. Manage

That’s it. Thanks to Cloud With Me, you’ll need only input your domain, region, and server configuration preference, and presto! Your initial setup is complete. We quickly connect and install your server in as little as ten minutes!

Once connected, our intuitive, simplified Dashboard interface takes the guesswork out of management, with intelligently pre-configured features that will take you the rest of the way towards success.

Cloud With Me’s Dashboard requires no existing technical expertise on your end. Add-ons such as Drupal and WordPress are one-click installation solutions thanks to their thoughtfully constructed interface.  And additional, free features such as full HTML, FTP and DNS support help round out their managed AWS offering.

No More Worries About Cost and Connections

Wave goodbye to sweating it out when it comes to cost and connections.

All five of Cloud With Me’s managed AWS server types are expressly designed to meet your needs, while also carrying a pain-free, set monthly cost.


You’re probably inclined to ask, “But isn’t that expensive? However, they have tailored a range of server tiers to businesses of all sizes, meaning that costs start at only $40/month and come with the ability to seamlessly move to higher server tiers as your business grows. Regardless of whether you enjoy 100,000 monthly page views or a whopping five million, Cloud With Me has you covered.

Even better, Cloud With Me is offering a limited number of coupons that boast up to $1400 in savings annually, depending on your specific server requirements.

So, what are you waiting for? Cloud With Me is excited to work to deliver the best server solution to you and your customers, all backed with the cloud-based power of AWS.

Sign up today for a managed AWS solution and use the $100 off coupon code “save100” to get started!


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