Our Responsive Design Class is Live

Responsive Design

We’re delighted to launch our latest class, “Introduction to Responsive Design“.

This class is taught by Rod Martin and will show you how think about and use responsive design.

In this class we cover the basic principles of responsive design and show you how to use Bootstrap, the framework behind many of today’s mobile-friendly websites.

A video from the Responsive Design class

{snippet responsiveintrovideo}

What’s in the Reponsive Design class?

After a brief introduction and some examples, you’ll create a very simple design from scratch.

We’ll then move on to an overview of Bootstrap, one of the many responsive design frameworks, creating a couple of pages for a hypothetical web design company.

We’ll round out the course with a discussion on responsive images, one of the three parts of responsive design, and one of the most difficult.


  • Introduction to the Course
  • Introduction to Responsive Design
  • Three Elements of Responsive Design

A Simple Layout

  • Simple Design HTML
  • Simple Design CSS


  • Download and Install Bootstrap
  • Overview of Bootstrap
  • The Scaffolding
  • The Base CSS
  • The Components
  • The Javascript

Building a Site

  • The Main Page
  • The Main Page – Part 2
  • Main Page CSS
  • The Blog Page
  • Customizing Bootstrap


  • Responsive Images
  • Summary

Click here to watch the “Introduction to Responsive Design” class.


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