5 Software Platforms You Didn’t Know OSTraining Covered

5 Software Platforms You Didn't Realize OSTraining Covered

Much of our time and effort at OSTraining goes towards covering the most high-profile platforms such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and Magento.

But there are 1,000’s of videos in the OSTraining library and some of those cover other open source projects. I’m going to introduce you to 5 video classes you might not realize were in OSTraining’s vaults. All of these software platforms are 100% free and open source. All of these software platforms give you useful tools for your daily work.

Software Platform #1. Mautic

This class will teach you how to create marketing automation workflows using an open source platform called Mautic. You’ll learn how to create meaningful communication with your customers and let automation do the busy work for you. The lessons will cover all the fundamentals of Mautic, from installation and configuration to campaigns and outcomes.

Here’s a sample video from the Mautic class:

Software Platform #2. GIMP

Four classes introduce you to GIMP, a free alternative to Photoshop. You can use GIMP for photo retouching, image composition and much more. GIMP works on many operating systems and in many languages.

Here’s a sample video from the GIMP class:

Software Platform #3. Audacity

Audacity is the most popular open source software for podcasters and audio editors. During 3 classes on podcasting, you’ll learn about how to edit a podcast using Audacity. You’ll build and edit a simple introduction to a podcast, using many of the tools available in Audacity.

Here’s a sample video from the Audacity class:

Software Platform #4. phpMyAdmin

phpMyAdmin is absolutely everywhere. It’s the default MySQL management software for most hosting companies. Most major website platforms use MySQL as their default database, and so phpMyAdmin is probably the most popular software on this list.

Here’s a sample video from the phpMyAdmin class:

Software Platform #5. Terminal and the Command Line

With today’s GUI interfaces, the command line may not seem as important. But if you want to manage a remote computer like a VPS or a dedicated web server, the command line can be incredibly helpful.

Here’s a sample video from the command line class:


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6 years ago

Wow. When I joined OSTraining about a couple years ago or so, I thought it was primarily a WordPress/Joomla and related technologies training platform. I had no idea that it covered so much more. I’m hyped now!

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