Migrating to Drupal 8? Check if Your Drupal 7 Modules are Ready

checking upgrade status of modules

Are you a Drupal 7 user who wants to migrate to Drupal 8.

You’re not alone. “Can I rebuild my site in Drupal 8?” is a very common question in the Drupal community.

This tutorial will show you how to use the Upgrade Status module to see if you can rebuild your site in Drupal 8.

Migration is a complex topic because every site is unique. The modules you use on your current site will have will determine whether you can update.

An easy way to keep an eye on the progress of the modules you need is by using the Upgrade Status module. This module adds an extra tab to the ‘available updates’ page that tells you the current releases for the version of Drupal you have selected.

Simply download and install Upgrade Status. Once enabled go to:

  • Login to your Drupal 7 site.
  • Go to Reports > Available updates.
  • Select the Upgrade Status Tab:

The Upgrade Status tab in Drupal 7

  • Check that the right version of Drupal core is selected:

Choosing a target verion of Drupal

  • Select “Check manually”.

Check for Drupal 8 module updates

Drupal will now check the modules you are using and provide a report page. You can see a report in the image below.

I would advise you to seek advice if dev modules are your only option. Preferably any module you decide to use should have been updated in the last 6 to 9 months.

The final module update report


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7 years ago

Tnx Daniel,

So its all green for me -I have 8.x versions available. Some modules I need to remove (not using them). What are the next steps to upgrade from 7 to 8?

Would love your thoughts, please comment.x