How to Access Readme Files in Drupal 8

Access Readme Files in Drupal 8

In this tutorial, we will add a module that makes site maintainers’ lives easier.

With Drupal 8 setups you are encouraged to use Composer, DrupalConsole and Drush because this is a faster and more effective way of adding components to your site. However, if you use those solutions, you can’t access the readme file directly to read information about the module.

We will show you how to use the README module to access readme files directly from the Drupal 8 admin area.

  • Download, install and enable the README module.
  • Now return to the Extend page. Then expand the details of the module to see the Readme button next to Configure for the Readme module.


  • Selecting the Readme option will open up the readme file within Drupal.


If you want to allow external access to the file you can go into configuration and set a security token to enable this feature.

All modules should contain a readme.txt or if you find yourself using a module that does not have a I am sure if you put in a request for it, then they will add it to the module.


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