OSTraining Testimonials

“The Videos, Training Classes and Pro Support saved me hours of searching, trying and learning the code and architecture of Joomla, WordPress and coding.

With OSTraining everything is easy to understand. The support solves every problem and teaches how to fix the issue for the next time.

I have asked them (especially Steve and Valentin) dozens of questions and they are always professional, kind and very patient. Thank you so much!

OSTraining is for everyone a recommendation, even professionals. Whatever it is: OSTraining helps you. ”

Frank D. Lemke

“The OSTraining support team is knowledgeable and friendly. I am a marketer working out of a small shop so having someone like OSTraining to call on and help with Joomla and other technical issues puts me at ease. I have worked with Valentin and Nick, and they are both incredibly patient, professional and just a joy to work with. I honestly feel like I have a technical support team member ready to help any time I need them. The training I have done so far is also top-notch. I can’t wait to complete my Joomla classes and move into WordPress. If you haven’t already contacted OS you should. ”

Joe Starr

“I have been a subscriber to OSTraining Pro Support for a few years. We have not only saved a fortune getting issues resolved but I have learned so much!

The support team doesn’t just answer your questions but guides you towards finding your own solutions as well. You end up deepening your knowledge exponentially.

They also provide great easy to follow videos for some of the more common questions like “how do I update the Drupal CORE?”.

Well worth the money!!Pays for itself in no time. ”

Beth Everett
New York Society For Ethical Culture

“Where do you go when you have a question about web development? OSTraining is a fantastic resource for training on Joomla, Drupal and general web development.

But if you want fast chat type support get the premium plan. It is worth every penny, and the turn around is exceptionally fast. A great service with great support at a reasonable cost. ”

William Slaughter
JDevTech Web Services

“My experience with OSTraining has been second to none. Not only do they offer great training at amazing prices they also have a wonderful customer service team. When I recently made an inquiry about my account via email I was helped in a timely manner and was treated like a valued customer not just a number. If you are looking for great training, at affordable prices and awesome customer service look no further than OSTraining! ”

OSTrainingHeather Compton
Eminent Graphic Design

“I love to build my own websites but there are always questions and new things to learn. The teachers and live help at OSTraining have been amazing. I trust them as a reliable source of information and found their training videos very easy to follow. ”

Jacqueline Jax
Host of AVALiveRadio.com

“I have been very impressed with this book which is clearly set out in stages, so that one can learn and practise each part before moving onto the next, gradually becoming accustomed to the whole. Clearly written by an experienced trainer. Thank you. ”

Mike Bowen
Retired Teacher & Journalism Trainer

“I’ve been a member of OSTraining since the beginning and have posted hundreds of support requests. Their support is FANTASTIC, saving me from many jams. I’m a one-person web design shop and there is nothing like knowing that I can turn to OSTraining when I need help with a Joomla or WordPress problem. I recommend them enthusiastically to designers and end users alike. ”

Hope Kiah
Santa Fe Web Design

“My first DrupalCamp was amazing thanks in part to the OSTraining-lead beginner track. Steve was patient, hands-on and had a knack for empowering newbies like myself. I left the sessions with a solid grasp on the drupal fundamentals any beginner would need for basic edits and beginner sites. I also left wanting to learn more which I think is the calling card for any good teacher. ”

OSTrainingAmanda Eyer
Digital Marketing Manager

“Over the past 15 years, we’ve used more tutorial sites and training videos than we can remember. Often times we never felt like the tutorials gave us complete understanding and that there was more to learn. With OSTraining, we were able to quickly get our interns and new hires up to speed on WordPress, Drupal and Joomla. This allowed them to quickly begin working on real projects in a short amount of time with full confidence in each framework. ”

Tim Jones
Branding, Web Development & Marketing

“I learned the hard way by throwing myself at Drupal for a year. We recommend OSTraining to all our friends.”

Chris ZietlowChris Zietlow

“Learning from Steve was the day I bonded with Drupal. I took the one-day class which accelerated by learning. As a result I became a lifetime member.”

Rick Esser
Lifetime Member

“I took a class with Steve in 2011 and it launched my career.”

Bob Garufallou

“This is exactly how Drupal should be taught.”

Lisa TennantLisa Tennant

“Having been in the training business for some time (in a previous life) let me say that I like the approach and content (of difficult, for me anyway, content has been presented in a way that is welcome and facilitates learning.”


“I can’t remember how i stumbled upon your website, but the fact of the matter is that this site is so much more in depth of understanding Joomla than joomla.org. That is a huge compliment…and i stand by it, Once again, thank you!”


“The class was incredible. I really feel like it was money well spent.”

Donna Becton

“I enjoyed meeting you and attending the training session. I found it valuable and you are a great instructor.”

Karen Post

“Thank you for the class. It was a pleasure meeting you and I was very pleased with how the class went.”

Sandra Raborn

“Thanks so much for a great training session! I really appreciate your time and patience.”

Barbara Smith

“I wanted to let you know that I thought the class and the resources that you provided were EXTREMELY helpful.”

Elliott Nguyen

“I just wanted to tell you that I enjoyed today’s class very much. You did a very good job of covering a ton of material in a very short time.”

Bill Andre

“I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the class. You explained the features really well and was so patience with everyone! I feel so much more empowered and can’t wait to get started on updating my site.”

Maureen McEvoy

“I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your teaching and how you could read the class and present your teaching to every ones level. A lot of the students had way more knowledge about the internet and web designing than I did but I was able to keep up with your teaching.”

Eddie Schulz

“Thanks for the training. It was absolutely fantastic. I personally think this should be a class offered in college or even high school for students.”

Jerome Tsao

“You are a great teacher. The basic concepts were covered for early learning. Thank you!”

Keith Hwang

“Excellent instruction. Hands-on-learning experience. Well prepared and tailored to our needs. Steve is incredibly knowledgeable and was able to address our most challenging questions.”

David Dial

“Many thanks for the training, it was highly productive and a lot of questions were answered.”

Jim Gibson

“Thanks for everything. I look forward to trying new things after taking the course. You were great and made the class fun.”

Carol Mesa

“I just wanted to express my sincere appreciation for the guidance I’ve received. I didn’t even know Joomla existed 2 months ago. But now, thanks to your help and ‘hand holding’ my first site is live and I’m thrilled! Thank you so much for your valuable service!”

Nancy Olmstead

“This is exactly what a true beginner to website design needs! The level of comfort and the guiding the mind to the necessary organizational aspect is phenomenal! We were been fumbling with a video here, a video there, and just about every book and written course available for Joomla, and that sense of compassion for the absolute beginner is missing from all of it. This quality of the course and Rod’s soothing voice and genuinely friendly, welcoming manner add to this feeling of “I will finally be able to do it.”

Tricia Deane

“Open Source Training has been perfect and the value far exceeds the price. When I found them, I was only going to sign up for one period, but when that was up, I decided to stay with them, and I plan on continuing to. Steve is excellent – the answers are prompt and thorough, and I’ve learned a tremendous amount of information. They’ve got excellent tutorials that Steve sometimes points me to, and those are short and easily consumable. I love OSTraining. I can do it piecemeal when I have time, and learn what I want to, relevant to what I need. And when I run into a problem – I know exactly where to go for the answer so that I can move forward!”


“Just wanted to share our success. Back in December my coworkers and I went to a training and we had nothing. I even told you that we needed the website up in January, but we did it. 🙂 We have the site up and running beautifully, with 277 articles, 25 sections, 88 categories, and around 40 editors. We did it!”

Paulo Williams

“Thank you! Thank you! Can’t thank you enough. I really enjoy listening and watching the videos! You guys have made learning much more fun and found that by your adding those little “goodie clips”, it helps relax and remove fear too.”


“The quality of the videos are amazing!!! They’re much better than Lynda.com. I’m truly impressed! Thank you for putting this together and congratulations. I would highly recommend your site to other designers.”

Kris Tung

“I am so thrilled to have found OSTraining. Not only am I learning, but I’m learning immediately. I am not looking to be a tech person – I’m only looking to immediately solve problems or alter things on my site, and learn how to have more control over it on a rather piece by piece issue.”


“OSTraining has been more than I expected. Attentive, thorough, responsive, clear in their directions and advice, it’s been a hugely wise allotment of $47 – which quite frankly, seems unbelievably inexpensive for what I’m receiving.”


“They covered precisely what was given in the course description, and the instructor was extremely knowledgeable. I’ve taken a lot of Learning Tree courses over the last 10-12 years, and I would compare the quality of the OSTraining courses as comparable in quality – but at a fraction of the cost.”


“After wading through miles and miles of ‘free’ training on the internet and getting more and more frustrated, I finally found Open Source Training. For a minimal investment, I was able to learn what I needed to get our site, The Mind Aware, online within one day! Their training is easy to understand, even for a BRAND newbie like me and their support team is tops, bar none. Best investment I’ve made online.”


“OSTraining is what put the exclamation mark after Joomla!”

Luis Savinon

“Just wanted to say thanks to the staff here. Many of my pages are started to come up on the first pages of google, bing and yahoo. I still have a lot of work to do, but it is definitely making a difference.”


“Done 🙂 My first Joomla site is online …. Thanks a million…Your support was more than perfect…”


“You guys are the best. I don’t know what I would do w/ out you!!!”


“You guys are worth your weight in gold! I’m sure you have saved a few computers from being thrown out the window :)”


“OSTraining is amazing. I feel that always help is guaranteed and simply like your service. Please convey this to your team. Your team is experienced in quickly diagnozing problems and letting us fix it quickly.”