What you can expect from OSTraining support

OSTraining Support

Our goal is to teach you how to build websites. Rather than do it for you, we will always to try to explain how you can do something. We’ll guide you through the process, answer questions and write tutorials for you, but the focus will be on enabling you to do the task.

Yes, all your conversations with OSTraining are 100% private. The only people with access to conversations are you and the OSTraining staff.  The exception to this would be anything posted inside the OSTribe area.  Those questions will be visible for all OSTraining members see and comment on or reply to. 

Yes, here are the main limits:

  • Commercial products. If you paid for a product or for hosting, please contact the people you paid. They wrote their software and hopefully know it better than we do.
  • Custom coding. Writing code is the job of a developer, not a trainer.
  • Research the requirements for your project. That is a consultant’s or project manager’s role.

We do our very best every day to create a warm, welcoming and supportive environment for all our OSTribe members. All we ask is that our members aim for that too. Be kind to the staff, other OSTribe members, and they’ll repay you many times over with their skills and knowledge.