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rocketthemeWelcome to Open Source Training and thanks for being a member via the special offer from Rocket Theme.

Your Video Training

Video TutorialsOne of the most important parts of being a member is access to our video training library. These are recorded versions of the live classes that we teach 100s of times each year.

  • Watch the video training: On the right-hand side you can see “Video Training”. Click the links underneath to start watching your video classes.

Your Forum Support

Forum SupportOne of the big benefits of being a member is our support forum. Here we help with your questions, we do it quickly and we do it with a smile.

  • Need to find your old posts? Click here and and then click My Forum Posts

Your Account

Your AccountYou can control everything about your membership from the Account menu link.

  • Add a new subscription: Go to the Account tab, choose your subscription and click Upgrade.
  • Cancel a subscription: Go to the Account tab, find your subscription and click Unsubscribe.