ostraining.com Cancellation Policy

For OSTraining’s online training subscriptions, you can cancel at any time and you will not be charged again. There are no contracts or long-term lock-ins for memberships.

We do offer refunds in two cases:

  1. Within the first 7 days of your membership.
  2. In case of unexpected renewals. If you had intended to stop your subscription and forgot, contact us within 7 days of the renewal.

How to cancel or request a refund

For a refund, contact us via support@ostraining.com within 7 days of joining OSTraining or renewing your membership.

The place to manage your subscription is ostraining.com/account. Here you can stop the auto-renew on your account, edit your payment details and upgrade or downgrade to a different membership.

We do reserve the right to deny refunds if, in OSTraining’s opinion, a user has been abusing this site’s Terms of Service.