OSToolbar: Joomla Help Inside Your Site

OSToolbar: Joomla help inside your site

OSToolbar for Joomla

OSToolbar is a revolutionary new extension that places video tutorials throughout your Joomla administrator area.

  • You: Would you benefit from expert Joomla help inside your site?
  • Your clients: Would your web design clients benefit from Joomla video help?

OSToolbar makes sure that your clients will always have the very best Joomla training and support … exactly where it’s needed.

Key Things to Know About OSToolbar Videos

  • The videos are short: Your time is precious. Each video is only 4 to 5 minutes and gets right to the point.
  • The videos are contextual: That means when you’re stuck on a section, the help button takes you to the right lesson in seconds.
  • The videos are popular: These are the same videos we use to teach 1000s of customers on this site.
  • The videos never expire: Once you buy OSToolbar, all future updates are free.
  • The videos are updated: We’re constantly improving the videos. You’ll get instant updates.
  • The videos are growing: There are videos for JCalPro, K2 and K2Mart. More extensions are coming!

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OSToolbar for Joomla

How Does OSToolbar Work?

There are two ways to view the video tutorials:

  1. You can see all of the videos at once inside the OSToolbar component.
  2. You can see a specific tutorial for each page of the Joomla administrator area.

Here’s an example of each:

1) Inside the OSToolbar Component


Go to OSToolbar under Components in the maindropwn menu and click on Tutorials.


Click on the tutorial that you want to view.


2) On Every Page of the Administrator Area


The second approach really demonstrates OSToolbar’s beauty and power.

Go to an area of Joomla and click on OSTraining Help.

In the example above, we’re editing an article. However, you could go to any area, e.g. Global Configuration, Article Manager, Module Manager, Template Manager, etc. The key is that whatever area you are in, the tutorial for that respective area will be viewable by clicking on OSTraining Help.


Sample Videos from OSToolbar

Sample Video 1: Adding a Contact Form

Sample Video 2: Media Manager