Introduction to Object Oriented PHP

Robert Ring · October 1, 2016

Object oriented programming (OOP) is the most popular approach taken by PHP developers. You’ll find object oriented code in almost all major CMS’s and platforms. In this class, you’ll learn the fundamentals of OOP and how they apply to PHP.

This class focuses on the use of classes, objects and methods in OOP:

  • How to Create a Class in OO PHP
  • How to Create an Object from a Class
  • How to Access Object Information in a Template
  • How to Add Methods to Classes
  • How to Use the Construct Method and Magic Methods
  • How to Incorporate Global Variables into a Class
  • Public, Private and Protected Visibility
  • Why Should You Use Private Visibility?
  • Using Child Classes 

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  • 11 Lessons
  • 1 Quiz
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