How to Use the Simplenews Module in Drupal

Brian Lewis · June 4, 2012

This class covers sending newsletters directly from your Drupal site, using the Simplenews module.

Here’s an overview of what you’ll do in this Simplenews class:

  1. Install and enable the Simplenews and administration menu modules.
  2. Set some defaults to use when creating newsletters, set an address to use for test newsletters and set the default “from name” and email address.
  3. Tell Simplenews what to do with a newsletter subscription when a user account is blocked or disabled, we will configure the subscribe and unsubscribe email text and we will decide where to send a user after they subscribe or unsubscribe from a newsletter.
  4. Decide whether or not to use cron to send newsletters, as well as how many should be sent on each cron run.
  5. Configure the newsletter category that is automatically created when we install the Simplenews module.
  6. Create our first newsletter.
  7. Send our first test newsletter.
  8. Display the subscription blocks so that users can subscribe to our newsletter.
  9. Create another newsletter category and explore the differences involved with having more than one newsletter on our site.
  10. Configure the user permissions so that anonymous and authenticated users can subscribe to our newsletter.
  11. Explore the ways we can add, remove, import and export users to and from our newsletter lists.
  12. Send out the real newsletter.
  13. Explore the two ways of handling HTML links in plain text newsletters.
  14. Start sending our newsletters as HTML.
  15. Install the necessary modules to make our newsletters look like HTML.
  16. Install a WYSIWYG editor so that we can include links, images, and other HTML code without having to actually know HTML.
  17. Install the modules required in order to apply a theme to our newsletters.
  18. Apply a theme to our newsletters.
  19. Create a theme to use for our newsletters.

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