Joomla 3 Explained: Reviews

“The number one position is a suitable spot for this book, and almost any Joomla user– from absolute beginners to seasoned experts–can extract valuable information from this book.”

  • Theo van der Zee

“Steve Burge started his business at the same time I did back in 2007. Over time, I’ve seen him struggle and succeed with different initiatives, but the following things were always constant: his honesty, business persistence, and true leadership in the Joomla! Open Source community. We’ve been a satisfied customer of since its initial launch and would highly recommend his work.”

  • Ogy Nikolic, CEO, OGO Sense

“Finally! A Joomla book for non-geeks.”

  • Charlie Sasser, R.E. Mason Company

Joomla!® 3 Explained, Second Edition, is both comprehensive and thorough . . . a fantastic resource for Joomla users everywhere!”

  • Jonathan Gafill, CEO,

“This is an excellent resource for the web developer new to Joomla . . . a great book both to start with and to keep on hand as a reference manual.”

  • Les Platz, Web Developer

Joomla!® 3 Explained, Second Edition, is a book I’ve recommended many times. In plain English, Stephen makes it easy to learn material that could otherwise be a daunting challenge. For those building a site for the first time, and for those completely new to Joomla, I can’t think of a better starting point.”

  • Scott Wolpow, Founding Board Member, NYC Joomla! Users Group, and CEO, Netalytical Inc.

“Having taught college-level computer science and programming courses, I can only express my admiration for the organization and didactic techniques Burge has used in this book. I would recommend it highly to anyone interested in learning the basics of Joomla.”

  • Gary Albers, Website Designer

“Overall this is a really good introduction to Joomla for the absolute novice. If you’re a site admin suddenly told that you’re looking after a Joomla site, then this tutorial is a great place to turn to.”

  • Pan Pantziarka, Publisher of TechBookReport

“The book is as complete as you could desire for a beginning book, and if you master it you will be building websites in their totality. It is simply the best out there.”

  • Bill S., Tokyo Joomla User Group

“The final verdict is that this is one of the best introductory books on Joomla I have encountered.”

  • Ian Elliot, IProgrammer, Reviewer