Joomla 3 Explained: Chapter 5

Information Category

Sample Climate Text

Joomlaville is a city located in a great climate at the foothills of the mountains.

There is snow in the winter and plenty of sun during the summer.

No matter time of year you visit, you’ll find that Joomlaville has enjoyable weather.

Sample Location Text

Joomlaville is in the southeast of our country, about a five hour drive from the capital.

It is located near a large mountain range, so there is plenty of opportunity for Joomlaville people to enjoy skiing, kayaking and other outdoor activities.

Joomlaville is also about three hours from the beach, so it’s easy for residents to enjoy a sunny vacation.

Sample History Text

Joomlaville is a city with a rich history.

It started as a market town in the 17th century. The site was chosen because it was a major crossroads for people traveling through the mountains.

As the city grew in the 19th and 20th centuries, more industries moved and people flocked to Joomlaville looking for work. Many of our residents have now been here for several generations.

Attractions Category 

Sample Museum Text

The Joomlaville Museum contains artifacts from throughout the city’s history.

Here you can ride a steam train, see a house from the 1600s and even see old-fashioned airplanes fly by on the weekends.

Sample Zoo Text

Joomlaville Zoo is a wonderful place for families to visit.

There is an aviary for birds and a farm for animals like cows, pigs and geese.

The zoo also has exotic animals such as lions, tigers, giraffe and buffalo.

Overall, it’s a great experience for young children.

Sample Aquarium Text

Joomlaville Aquarium is one of the biggest in the country.

There is a large penguin exhibit. You can see them swimming, sunbathing and doing tricks.

There are also some large killer whales and sharks in a huge tank in the center of the aquarium. Please don’t feed these fish!

Transport Category

Sample Airport Text

The Joomlaville Airport is a great place to fly to. It is clean, modern and was designed by a team of famous architects.

There are two terminals, one for international flights and one for domestic flights.

Sample Bus Station Text

The Bus Station is a very good way to get to cities around Joomlaville.

The buses leave Joomlaville every hour on weekdays and every two hours on weekends.

Sample Train Station Text

The Joomlaville Train Station is a great way to get to other parts of the country. Our trains are quick, quiet and comfortable.

The Train Station is close to the center of Joomaville and next to the Aquarium.

Transport exercise

Step 1: Content

  • Go to “Content”, “Categories”, then “Add New Category”.
  • Enter “Transport” in the Title field and click “Save & Close”.

Step 2: Add

  • Go to “Content”, “Articles”, then “Add New Article”.
  • Enter “Trains” in the Title field.
  • Choose “Transport” from the Category drop-down.
  • Copy and paste the sample text from this page into your article.
  • Click “Save & Close” and then add the Buses and Airport articles.

Step 3: Show

  • Go to “Main Menu” under the “Menus” drop-down and click “New.”
  • Click “Select” next to Menu Item Type, and then click on “Category Blog”.
  • Click “Select” next to Select Category, and then click on “Transport”.
  • Enter “Transport” in the Menu Title field.
  • Click “Save & Close” to complete the creation of your menu link.