Joomla 3 Explained Updates & Errata

Please click here to email us with any updates or errata that you find.

  • Autoinstallers: We’ve had reports that some hosting companies are modifying their Joomla installs – adding templates, extensions content and more. If you use an automatic install and it doesn’t match the book, don’t worry. You will be able to follow along, even though your site may not match the images in the book 100%.
  • Page 83: Step 7 should read “Click News…”
  • Page 214: Joomla has removed the Web Links extension. If you want to use it, you can find it here:
  • Page 228: You are supposed to select the “Latest News” module, but it’s been renamed Modules – Articles Latest.
  • Page 249: Should say, “Click the Select Type pull-down menu and choose Content”.
  • Page 259: CodeMirror has been removed from recent versions of Joomla. You can download an alternative from here.
  • Page 264: You may need to go to Users > Manage > Options change your global settings to enable user registration in order to add fields to user profiles.
  • Page 289: If Nice Social Bookmarks says “Unable to find install package” after installation, download from here.
  • Page 293: Don’t forget to go to Extensions > Plugin Manager and enable the Google Maps plugin.
  • Page 298: If SP Weather has an install problem, download from here.