Teaching With Drupal 8 Explained in the Classroom

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OSTraining books are designed to be used in the classroom. Dozens of schools, colleges and universities use the books with their students.

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Many colleges and universities have adopted Drupal 8 Explained as a course textbook.

Here are suggested details for a course based around Drupal 8 and the book, Drupal 8 Explained.

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Suggested Drupal 8 Course Names

  • Introduction to Drupal 8
  • Introduction to Content Management Systems.

Suggested Drupal 8 Course Description

Covers basic content management system concepts. Students learn how to build, design and manage Drupal 8 and how to implement it for personal and business websites.

Suggested Drupal 8 Student Learning Outcomes

Students will:

  1. Understand what a Content Management System is and how it differs from traditional, flat websites
  2. Select the appropriate server environment and be able to install Drupal 8’s files and database
  3. Successfully organize and present content in Drupal 8
  4. Select and integrate extra Drupal 8 features
  5. Modify the appearance and layout of Drupal 8 websites
  6. Understand potential threats to CMS websites and understand how to protect and backup such websites

Suggested Drupal 8 Course Outline

Course subject matter is directly aligned with Student Learning Outcomes. The number of the corresponding SLO appears in parentheses after relevant content:

Here is our recommendation for how the book can produce 12 course units:

  • Unit 1 / Chapter 1: Drupal 8 and CMSs
  • Unit 2 / Chapter 2: Planning
  • Unit 3 / Chapter 3: Installations
  • Unit 4 / Chapter 4: Administration
  • Unit 5 / Chapter 5: Content
  • Unit 6 / Chapter 6: Fields
  • Unit 7 / Chapter 7: Modules
  • Unit 8 / Chapter 8, 9, 10: Menus, Themes, Blocks
  • Unit 9 / Chapter 11: Views
  • Unit 10 / Chapter 12: Layout Modules and Finishing the Design
  • Unit 11 / Chapter 14: Users
  • Unit 12 / Chapter 15: Site Management

Suggested Plan for Course Units

  • For a 10 week course: Use units 1 to 11. Consider combining Units 2 and 3.
  • For a 12 week course: Use units 1 to 12.
  • For a 14 week course: Use units 1 to 12 but allow more time for Units 8 and 9.

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