On-site Corporate Training

OSTraining Custom and In Person Training

Imagine the convenience of having an experienced professional come to your office and provide customized training for your staff...

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Experienced and Professional Teachers

Our trainers teach with gusto because they love to teach. They were chosen both because they have worked as web designers and because they also have been professionally trained as teachers.

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Hands-on Teaching Style

In a relaxed, question-rich environment, students learn with a hands-on approach that’s quick and effective. From the first day, your students will work and actively learn on a real site as the trainer guides them step by step.

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Extra Materials & Benefits

You get copies of our best-selling books to keep for quick references and OSTribe membership for ongoing community support.

Great Value for the Money

Prices starting at $2,000 a day (plus travel and expenses). One OSTrainer can teach up to 16 students. Corporate on-site training means NO hotel and travel costs & expenses for each of your 16 employee participants.

Why Choose OSTraining?

Over the last 10 years, OSTraining has taught more students than anyone in the industry. As trusted Acquia Training Partners, we’ve taught, by invitation, at DrupalCons in Los Angeles, Chicago, Denver, Portland, London, Munich and Prague – as well as many of their clients.

We have provided training to Fortune 500 companies such as Apple, HP, and Pfizer; universities such as Harvard, Stanford, and MIT; and government entities such as the U.S. Departments of Education, Commerce and Energy.

Some of our clients include: Unilever, Apple, Harvard, World Bank, Yale, and HP.

If your company is using a CMS platform, then OSTrainers can customize and teach your employees how to use, update, and edit your site.

Classes We Can Teach for You

Drupal Classes

  • Introduction to Drupal
  • Drupal Site Building
  • Drupal Coding and Module Building
  • Drupal Theme Design
  • Classes for custom modules

WordPress Classes

  • Introduction to WordPress
  • WordPress Site Building
  • WordPress Coding and Plugin Building
  • WordPress Theme Design
  • Classes for custom plugins

Joomla Classes

  • Introduction to Joomla
  • Joomla Site Building
  • Joomla Coding and Extension Building
  • Joomla Template Design
  • Classes for custom extensions

Coding Classes

  • PHP
  • HTML / CSS