Introduction to PHP, Part 1

Diana M. Dupuis · April 5, 2015
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This class allows you to understand the code used to run your Joomla, WordPress or Drupal site. In this class you’re going to learn the basics of how a PHP-based website works.

In the first part of the PHP Beginner class, we’ll cover the following topics:

  • An introduction to PHP
  • An introduction tothe Course
  • Your first PHP page
  • Quotes and Errors
  • Commenting Your Code

In the second part of the PHP Beginner class, we’ll cover the following topics:

  • Understanding String Variables
  • Understanding Numerical Variables
  • Understanding Boolean Variables
  • Manipulating String Variables

In the third part of the class, we cover PHP variables

  • Understanding Math Operators
  • Understanding Comparison Operators
  • Understanding Logical Operators
  • If / Then / Else in PHP

In the fourth part of the class, we’ll cover PHP arrays:

  • Introduction to Arrays
  • Processing Arrays with For/Each
  • Processing Arrays with For/Each and a Key

In the fifth part of the class, we cover PHP functions:

  • Introduction to Functions
  • Functions: Built-in
  • Functions: isset & empty
  • Functions: Setting Parameters

In the sixth part of the class, we’ll getting data into your site using PHP:

  • Forms: Getting Data
  • Forms: Validating Data
  • Forms: Sanitizing Results
  • Forms: Posting Data

In the seventh part of the class, we’ll how PHP interacts with databases:

  • Databases: Connecting
  • Databases: Create with PHP
  • Databases: Adding a Table
  • Databases: Insert Data
  • Databases: Selecting Data with Queries
  • Databases: Selecting Specific Data with Queries
  • Databases: Updating Data
  • Databases: Delete Data

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